CNC Mill CPU Upgrade

Upgrade a 1984 Tree 330 CNC integrated computer to a Windows XP PC.

New system:

Front controls and PC interface - compare to old picture
Brackets and framework built to mount/hold the keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Front control panel
Box was built from a 70Amp 2 breaker box (from Home Depot) with a 3/4" angle frame welded on the face of it. The graphical layout (text, colors,...) of the panel was done using PhotoImpact. A .bmp file was taken to a local engraving shop and using a sublimation process, they printed it on to a thin sheet of aluminum. I doubled up with a second sheet of aluminum for strength. This is how they do some of their plaques. The RSE stands for Randy Schreifels Enterprises - me.

Back cabinet - compare to old picture
I reused the DC power supply (5v, 12v, 24v), 24v relays and the Fanuc 7 HP spindle motor controller. The Fanuc is the only device left that requires 3 phase power.


Side cabinet - compare to old picture
New power supply, three Gecko controllers, breakout board and spindle controller


Single-phase-to-three-phase converter:

In the old configuration, the motor, contactors, switches and capacitors hung in the rear cabinet. By removing this hardware from the cabinet, it helps reduce the heat buildup in the cabinet and creates a cleaner and more modular build.
- compare to old picture -



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